a note from David Lang, the Executive Director

I am humbled and grateful to serve as your executive director of the ManKind Project USA.  My first day on the job was August 1st, and it has been a very busy first 50 days.

I am awed by the passion and heart so many men have invested into MKP. I speak with men every day whose lives have been transformed by the work we do, men who deeply love this organization and are pitching in to continue making it the greatest men’s community and training organization in the USA.

The focus of this first fifty days has been a listening campaign.

A few highlights:

  • I met with the men of the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, where this work began 25 years ago and had a great opportunity to absorb some history and some excitement about where we are headed. It’s great to see how well our ‘big picture’ view of the future still fits with the original intent at our deepest roots … to give men the space to get what they want for their lives.
  • I attended the International Leader Council (ILC) meeting in Chicago and got to meet and experience some of the giants that have helped build this brotherhood one carpet at a time. I was honored to get the blessings of these Certified Training Leaders, and I also had the opportunity to enlist them further in helping MKP USA evolve in a good way into our next 25 years.
  • I joined the MKP USA Center Council in St. Paul, MN to witness the work that makes our communities run, from the minutiae of financial management to the grand visions for our IGroups, Enrollment, Information Systems and Marketing. The positive spirit and collaboration going on with these men from across the continent (and from Hawaii) is inspiring. These men have big hearts, and some serious skills. We’re going to need them.

Actions taken for Fund the Plan Implementation:

  • We hired David Kaar as Interim Director of Development – harnessing David’s deep institutional knowledge and significant connecting skills to help us in a critical time of infrastructure development. You can help us right now by checking out the Campaign pages on the menu above.
  • We promoted Boysen Hodgson to Director of Communication and Marketing for MKP USA, bringing him on board as a full time staff man. Boysen is working with men all over the project to plan and launch some very exciting programs for communications, marketing and PR.

On a daily basis I am connecting with our hard working professional staff team, supporting them in the work they’re doing to keep MKP USA functioning well and working with them to plan for the future of our organization.

Every week I am connecting with the amazing volunteers on the MKP USA Executive Team and the men from the MKP International Board who, in the midst of facing some serious challenges financially, are working together in the true spirit of our brotherhood.

This is a big role to fill. And I am learning more and hearing from more men every week.

I’m excited for our future, and I hope you are too.

David Lang
Executive Director, MKP USA

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