The ManKind Project USA has brought on the next staff member in pursuit of our Structuring for Sustainability efforts.

John Bacon of the North Texas MKP Community has accepted a position as our new Information Technologies Director. John will be helping MKP to integrate our disparate and legacy systems and take the big leap into the future of MKP technologies.

Check him out:

John Bacon and a group of MKP Brothers

An experienced IT professional, John Bacon brings more than 25 years of diverse business and technical management experience to his clients. He is a creative thinker, routinely producing unique client-centric solutions to resolve difficult business problems. John’s depth of knowledge in IT and business comes from first-hand experience in data analysis, business/IT consulting, systems development, management, marketing, and sales.

One key to John’s continued success is his relentless approach to problem solving. No matter how large or small the business problem, he firmly believes there’s a solution (or multiple solutions), and he has a passion for finding the right one for the client. His energetic approach to problem solving is supported by his ability to identify resources – both people and technology – needed to achieve the desired end-state. John sees technology as a tool that exists to make the client’s job easier and to strengthen the client’s business.

Along with his technology and business expertise, John has keen listening skills and a true desire to help the client. John’s energy, positive outlook, and straightforward manner engender client trust, and his ability to apply technology in creative and efficient ways continues to be critical to his success and the success of the clients he serves.

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