Wild Turkey
Colorado, USA

” I foster the dance of heart and soul to build a more just, joyful, and sustainable world.”

Few men in the nation have had a longer or more committed life in men’s work than Tom. Directly and indirectly Tom has touched the lives of thousands of Youth, Men, and Women. Since the mid 1970’s Tom as devoted his life particularly to awakening and supporting boys, men, and elders in their authenticity & wholeness through counseling, mentoring, training and group facilitation. This award is in recognition of a lifetime of pioneering men’s work and service in the world. Accomplishments include: Inner King Training and Inner Sovereign Training, 4 Gateways Coaching Process, Elder Initiation Weekends; the Men’s Year to Live Process, presentor at five MKP Elder Gatherings, active member of the Colorado MKP and Colorado MKP Elder Council.


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