Dave Davenport • Eagle with Vigilant Bear
“I call forth collective fire to co-create communities committed to their purpose.”

John Hall • Standing Elk
“As an Elder I stand for a strong community of men thru mentoring, service and giving back.”

USA • Greater Carolina

Triangle “Gatherings of Men”

2016, Ron Hering Awards

Dave Davenport and John Hall have been enriching the lives of men and women in the community thru diverse, useful, and timely monthly programs called Triangle “Gatherings of Men” from September 2013 to November 2016 (over 24 gatherings to date.) Topics include: Joyful Poetry; Story Sharing; Joyful Movement; Love Languages; Juggling for Geniuses; Power of Improvisation; Inviting Support With Your Mission; Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography; Touchstones for being  in a Circle of Trust; The Power of an Effective Apology; How to Evaluate and Change Addictive Behaviors; Absorbing Loss, and more. Dave and John are active founding members of the Triangle NC Community, two I-Groups, and more.


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