Medicine Rain Bear

USA • New England

Vern Ludwig

2018, Ron Hering Awards

“I build a world of trust, intimacy, and love by trusting myself, listening and service.”

Vern has worked with men inside many men’s prisons in MA one or two evenings each week since December 2001. He is currently facilitating weekly circles of men in Norfolk State Prison. For the past three years, he has served as mentor for monthly Native American Lodge Ceremonies in Norfolk State Prison. He has also worked in men’s prison circles in CA, NY, RI and WI. His work inside began with Jericho Circle Project in the Federal Medical Center at Devens, MA. He is currently supporting effort to initiate a circle inside a ME prison, and to begin a community circle and mentoring effort in Mattapan, MA to support men reentering after they have been incarcerated for long sentences. Over the past 17 years, he has conducted facilitator training for inside men and outside facilitators. 

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