Canada • British Columbia



Victor Perichon

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of peace and beauty by example.”

Victor supports the community by creating spaces for children to experience themselves, learn, grow and connect. Hosting a homeschool for almost 20 children has been great for many families as the local waldorf school closed. He believes the wholesome experience they have during these formative years will carry forward. He also hosts the local I-group and opened his place for other people to host events on the land. In his community, Victor has supported others et up and organise their events. He also started the development of a pump track in Seal Bay Park for local children and their families to enjoy.

Victor has advocated for the protection of the ancient forests on Vancouver Island and beyond. He has brought many down to Frairy Creek to support the camps, and be creative with painting signs, climbing, swimming and setting up experiential activities in the forest. He continues to work as a medicinal mushroom wholesale supplier, helping people to maintain and regain health, as well as connecting people with wild forest mushrooms.


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