USA • Wisconsin



Wade Anding

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a safe and harmonious world because I have arisen from my own ashes and co-create space for others to do the same.”

Wade created a space for men to do men’s work by running a semi-monthly Men’s Group in Milwaukee. He schedules men from MKP Milwaukee to facilitate each time and empowered another man to be the contact for non-MKP men He is currently working with another man to create a web and social presence for the MKP Men’s Group.  

Wade assists with establishing MKP in Africa. Each month he is on a virtual men’s group for MKP and non-MKP men in 8 different countries.  He also co-created an Open Circle in Kenya and is planning a return trip! 

Wade knows men are hungry for what MKP offers and wants to create space for them! 


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