Not that I am going to let it stop me, but sometimes I think it is just plain nuts being the chair.

There is so much excitement and challenge creating MKP-USA. We are brand-spankin’ new, building a new region from the ground up, and on a shoestring budget, with a tiny staff who, by the way, are overworked and underpaid as we head into this period of critical change.

Can one man represent such a wide spectrum of experience, beliefs, knowledge and age that exists in MKP USA while he deals with future changes facing the organization?

Since I became chair of MKP-USA a few months ago, I am reminded constantly that I am at my best when I pray to be used for a greater good.

I am praying now.

I am a pretty smart guy generally, and there is no way I can know all of what I need to know.

At times I run a story that as chair I should have all the answers. In fact, I don’t.

At least this chair doesn’t.

Amazing how I actually believe the lie sometimes that merely by being chair I SHOULD have all the answers.

That struggle inside my head is one of the things that has been renewing my focus, my drive, my enthusiasm. An incredible slate of men on the council serve our region; they are really dedicated men, really sharp tacks. Plus, other men continually step up. The phone rings, and a man is recommended to me, or I run into a man and find out he has just the skill set we need and he is looking for a way to serve.

It is somewhat like this blog.

The question we began with was, how can we communicate what we as a council, and what I as your chair, are doing?

I think men want information. I also believe that men want to be heard, give feedback, get their questions answered.

So, I was burning brain cells trying to figure out what “communication” looks like and Keith Jarvis sends me an email saying he knows a guy. He will see if he wants to help me write a blog so I at least spell most of the words right and don’t look like a total dork.

Then when I get on a call with Jeff, it is like we have known each other for years. We think alike, have very similar values (like being the only dad in a school when I used to help at my children’s elementary school like Jeff does currently in his world).

That was a long way to introduce you to Jeff Sturgeon, and to let you know he will help me edit this blog so I make sense, don’t run on,  get too deeply into minutia and the like.

We don’t have the technology for replies yet on this site. We will soon. If you want to respond or contact me, do so at

Thanks, men. Let’s build something incredible.

What does incredible look like when you see the future MKP-USA?

David Bauerly

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