Richard Goldberg hired as MKP USA Executive Director

The News in Brief

On Monday November 12, 2012, myself and the Board of Directors of MKP USA voted unanimously to accept the enthusiastic recommendation of the Executive Director Search Committee to hire Richard Goldberg, Big Bear, as MKP USA’s Executive Director. Dick is a New Warrior Brother from the St Louis Community. He will officially assume his new role on Monday, November 19th

The Rest of the Story

In July the Board of Directors (BOD) authorized the formation of an Executive Operating Team (EOT) to take on the responsibilities of the Executive Director during the time that position was open. The EOT was comprised of Mike Elser, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bob Oser, Vice Chair, Jon Levitt, Financial Director, David Bauerly, past Board Chair and Robert Powell, At Large Board Member. At the end of August the EOT formed an Executive Director Search Committee to find a new ED. The initial search resulted in nine qualified men standing for the position. Initial interviews were conducted by a 3 man panel made up of Elser, Oser and Levitt. These interviews resulted in three men being selected as finalists. Each finalist was asked to prepare a presentation on I-Groups, Membership and Unification; the interview panel was expanded to 6 men with the addition of Rich Tosi, Founder, Mariano Guas, Full Leader and Tom Carroll, Chair of the HR Committee.

After lengthy interviews a finalist, Richard Goldberg was chosen. All interviews up to this time took place on SKYPE. While the committee’s decision was unanimous, because of the potential impact this role will have the expanded Interview Committee decided that it was important to hold a final, face to face interview to confirm its choice. The face to face interview took the form of an intense, extended interview during the weekend of November 2-4. Richard met with Rich Tosi, Mike Elser, Jon Levitt, and Boysen Hodgson, Communications and Marketing Director. The result of this intensive, extended interview was a unanimous “NOW”; Now is the time for Richard Goldberg to lead MKP USA as it’s Executive Director. The recommendation to hire Dick was presented to the full Board of Directors on Monday, November 12 and unanimously approved. Richard will officially begin his duties as Executive Director on November 19th.

Richard is already diving in. He’s reaching out to men across the country to build relationships. He’s already digested thousands of pages of MKP documents (going so far as to analyze the last several years of our 990 tax returns), watched hours of videos, and connected one on one with the MKP USA Staff.

Now it’s your turn. If you’d like to introduce yourself and wish Richard well in his new role, connect here.

My deep gratitude to all the men who put their hats into the ring for this important role. What we in the search committee witnessed were men living in mission, men passionate about the work we do in the world and the possibilities for our future. Each of these men is a King. I am, as ever, in awe of the beauty of the men who live the give-away for this work.

Mike Elser
Soaring Eagle with Tiger in Training

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