David Bauerly

One of our sacred duties as men is to see each other.

When I am moving too fast, too caught up in my self-centeredness, too worried about my little world, it does not allow me to truly see those around me.

What keeps you from seeing others? What stops you from blessing those around you who hunger to be seen by you?

I was just reflecting on a recent Lodge Keeper Society (LKS) gathering in Colorado. I wonder how many men know just how much time and energy these men invest in this work. They give countless hours. I know that they always spend a considerable amount of time in reflection on how they handle safety.

The next time you are around any of the men from the LKS, consider stopping and taking the time to honor them, to see them and thank them for all they do. I believe part of how men become mature men, awake men, is by being seen by those around them, in particular older men. I hold that a man cannot truly mature, or elevate to his fullness, without the blessing of his elders.

Do you remember a time when you were seen? Do you remember times when you wanted to be seen? Do you still have parts of you that hunger to be seen?

I have found that the parts of me that still hunger to be seen can be acknowledged by ME. If I slow down and take the time to acknowledge those parts and honor them for all they do, then invariably I have more time to honor others in my sphere of influence.

Go out and bless someone today. Thank them for what they have done to make you a better man. Honor them for their beauty and gifts they bring to the world.

I am much more whole when I am grateful and actively show it.

David Bauerly

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