Watchful Calf Biter


Wolfgang Achterberg

2018, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world full of respect by respecting other people and by bringing it out into the world and living it.”

Wolfgang is a man who is very attentive. He helps people in need. Not only financially, but also with his heart, his kindness. With his actions and vigor he serves humans and the men within MKP and offers his whole knowledge and experience to the organization.  He is exacting, correct, and very fair. He is a genius for numbers. Inside he is very calm, he is very circumspect and good-natured and he has a very big heart. He is very emphatic. He’s spent more than 35 years in the chess club of his hometown where he does youth care, serving  as treasurer and 1st chairman he organizes events and serves as game leader.

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